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To the Honorable ______________________,


As a constituent in your district, I am writing to ask that you support legislation for the benefit of the craft beer industry.

First, self-distribution by craft brewers is currently legal in 38 states. It promotes and fosters the free market in the craft beer industry. Laws in those states allow breweries the option to distribute their beer directly to retailers without the need to go through a third party. Breweries in those states create more jobs, attract more tourism dollars, and contribute more to their state’s economic impact. With the craft beer industry contributing over $3.6 billion dollars to Florida’s economy just in 2019, imagine how much more would be generated if we had similar laws here!

These changes would give small businesses more control over their own products and create a system that is more equitable for all parties. With the onset of COVID-19, many smaller breweries were struggling to stay afloat and should have the ability to determine how their beer is distributed. This option would make Florida’s craft breweries better able to weather future disasters and strengthen the economy.

Second, Florida’s craft breweries need reform to their so-called “franchise agreements.” No other product or industry in the state is required by law to: a) sell their product exclusively through a third party distributor while b) simultaneously being bound by law to a lifelong contract, regardless of the distributor’s performance. Wineries can already sell their product directly retailers, and distilled spirit manufacturers are permitted to freely negotiate their distributor contracts and make changes if the relationship isn’t in the best interest of their business. Breweries alone are prevented by law to do either of these things and it needs to change now!

I am not asking to abolish the three-tier system, but rather, allow breweries the option of selling their own beer in a way that allows them to exercise more control over their business, retain more of their hard-earned profits, and add fairness to a system for ALL parties involved. As a proud supporter and consumer of Florida craft beer and a registered voter, I want to support those legislators who openly support changing these restrictive and imbalanced laws.


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